Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lesson - Clouds

Welcome Song

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Talk briefly about weather in general.
Look at weather chart and have kids set the weather (I made a weather chart using a circle divided into sections with pictures for different types of weather, then mounted it on card stock with a brad so it could turn and drew an arrow at the top of the backing to point to the type of weather.)
Ask: What kind of weather can clouds bring? (Rain, snow, hail.)
There are many types of clouds and today we’ll talk about 4 types.
Clouds are given names based on how they look and how high they are (their altitude)

(Use Lego people and cotton balls to give approx idea of clouds at different altitudes)

Cumulus - puffy, look like cotton balls, relatively low in the sky (under 6000 ft)


Nimbostratus - grey, often cover the entire sky, low altitude, bring rain


Cirrus - wispy, high altitude clouds


Cumulonimbus - tallest of the clouds, produce thunder storms

Sector 7 (Caldecott Honor Book) by David Wiesner
A beautifully illustrated picture book about an adventure a boy has with a cloud

Spanish Vocabulary 
tiempo = weather
las nubes = clouds
nublado = cloudy
está lloviendo = it's raining 
está nevando = it's snowing 

Letter of the Day - C
C is for Cloud. Which of the clouds we learned about start with C? Note that C can have a hard sound like it does in cloud, or a soft sound like it does in cirrus.

Worksheets: p. 10-11 in Brain Quest Workbook: Pre-K.

Number of the Day - 4
We talked about four types of clouds.  Let's count to 4 on our fingers.
Can we name some animals with 4 legs?

Worksheets: p. 131 in Brain Quest Workbook: Pre-K.

Paint white clouds on blue construction paper

Look outside for clouds.
Blow a cotton ball cloud back and forth across the table

Closing Song
by Jean Warren
Tune: “I’m A Little Teapot”
I’m a little cloud, in the sky.
You can find me, way up high.
Sometimes I’m puffy and sometimes stretched out.
I just love to float about.

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